Operation SMART® gets girls engaged in learning

Girls around Greater Indianapolis got a brain-power boost this summer participating in Girls Inc. Operation SMART®.  This year’s “Digging for Rocks” geology program taught girls at 30 partner sites how to identify the characteristics of various rocks, and, more importantly, how fun science can be.


In this hands-on program, each girl received her own magnifying glass and learned how to classify igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks using her senses. The girls then applied their knowledge on a “rock hunt,” individually finding and identifying rock-kit rocks distributed around the room.

“I didn’t realize this stuff was fun,” said Savannah, age 10. “I didn’t know there were different kinds of rocks.”

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After the girls shared their findings and worked through the classification process together, the group discussed geology as a career field. Participating in Operation SMART® encourages girls to learn about the world around them, engaging girls in science and technology in ways that affect their lives–and possibly their plans for the future.