staff photoI’m thrilled to be moving into the role of public relations coordinator here at Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis. I’ve been involved with Girls Inc. for several years, and I feel passionately about the work we do to empower and inspire girls to become their truest selves. 

I discovered Girls Inc. by word of mouth shortly after moving to Indianapolis in 2009, and I signed up to lead Work It Out as a volunteer the next available cycle. My first group of girls could sometimes be a handful, but they gradually learned to trust me and my volunteer partner and began to share their daily challenges with us. I was so impressed by them and by how much they needed that program about managing conflict in a healthy way.

Six weeks wasn’t long enough for me, and I signed up to lead another Work It Out session, then a session of Redefining Beauty, and on and on until I  found myself joining the staff as a program facilitator and leading programs most days of the week. My background in journalism and communications made the role of public relations coordinator a natural next step in my journey with Girls Inc.

One of my favorite activities to lead as a facilitator comes at the end of Redefining Beauty, when the girls cover brown paper bags with any negative thoughts they have about their bodies, then blow them full of air and pop them all at once. I love seeing the girls really grasp the idea that their worth has nothing to do with their looks, then listen in our discussions as they positively reinforce one another as unique, powerful individuals.

I’ll miss spending my days in classrooms with our girls, but I can’t wait to share their stories, the stories of our volunteers and community partners, and the story of Girls Inc., as we work together to help the girls of Greater Indianapolis discover that they truly are strong, smart, and bold.