Practical Advice from Experienced Volunteers

Girls Inc. is always looking for new superstar volunteers to join our team.  Every one of our volunteers is essential as we continue to serve more than 4,000 girls around the greater Indianapolis area–but don’t just take it from us.  Our current volunteers have some advice and encouragement to share with new and prospective volunteers. 
 Volunteer Discussion

“Prepare for your session as much as possible.  Right away, you will see their happiness as they recognize that they matter to you.  Someday you could be the person that comes to their minds when they need to be strong, smart, and bold.”  ~ Raquel Molina

“If you’re scared, turn that fear into excitement and show the girls how excited you are to spend that hour with them. Be real with the girls. I think they’re more likely to respect and remember you. Being there you show them you care about them, but being honest and real makes them want to be there too.” ~ Justine Keller

“Keep volunteering! Sometimes I feel like I get so much out of these programs myself–the benefits are not only for the young girls but also for me in my life.” ~ Joy Innes

“Attend a training session, become a volunteer, and make a difference in these young girls’ lives!  These young students are the future and with our help they can all become the people that they wish to be!” ~ Caiti Shandrick

“Volunteer! It is so rewarding and you CAN make a difference! ~Julie Barrett

Girls Inc. is currently seeking volunteers for our upcoming Fall program cycle.  Please consider volunteering or helping us spread the word. Visit our website to apply online.