Grant from Hoover Family Foundation fosters self-sufficiency in girls

The Hoover Family Foundation believes that an individual can improve his or her circumstances at any age. We are grateful for their generous grant of $10,000 in support of our Smart College and Career Planning programs: Lunch BunchGirls Inc. Operation SMART®, and Girls Inc. Economic Literacy®. Together, these programs prepare girls to set education, career, and financial goals that promote future self-sufficiency. 

According to the Economic and Social Research Council, by the time most children are age 11, they have opinions about the level of education they want to achieve in their lives, and these opinions have consequences. If an 11 year-old girl says she is going to college, she probably will, and if she says she is not going, then she most likely will not (2011). With no more education than a high school diploma, the average woman makes only $21,549 annually, while the average man makes $35,559 (U.S. Census 2008).

Thanks to the generosity of the Hoover Family Foundation, we are helping to reverse trends of poverty and missed opportunity one girl at a time. During a recent Economic Literacy program, Da’Rya, age 11, practiced setting goals for her future. “I really liked when we talked about what we are going to do when we grow up.  I liked how we talked about important things. I learned about my [future] career,” she said. Our Smart programs help girls focus on education, careers, and financial literacy starting at an early age, and support them in overcoming barriers to success.

We are grateful for the Hoover Family Foundation’s investment in the future of Indianapolis girls!