Girls Inc. celebrates summer outreach success 

As summer fades into fall, Girls Inc. is celebrating the success of our summer outreach programming. Girls Inc. continued our strong, smart, and bold programming with “Going Green” workshops taking place throughout Indianapolis!

Summer Outreach, By The Numbers:

  • 5 new community partners
    Girls Inc. added Wheeler-Dowe Boys and Girls Club, Keenan-Stahl Boys and Girls Club, Sheltering Wings, Community Alliance of the Far Eastside (CAFÉ), and Postbrook East Apartments as program partner sites this summer.
  • 28 “Going Green” workshops providing an emphasis on water pollution
    Fox 59 Morning News highlighted the program by interviewing girl participants about their views of the Gulf Coast oil spill and what they learned in their “Going Green” workshops. Watch the video here.
  • 309 girl participants in summer outreach programs
  • 1 Award-winning Summer VISTA
    Our Summer Outreach Cultivation Specialist VISTA, Jessie Wolfe, was one of 20 recipients to be awarded the Excellence in Summer Service Education Award by the funding partners of the Summer Youth Program Fund and MCCOY.

Fall programs begin October 4! Girls Inc. is currently scheduled to deliver 69 programs throughout greater Indianapolis. Visit our website for more information on how to become a program facilitator!