Girls stretched their minds, envisioned future careers, challenged society’s standard of beauty, created businesses, and found their voice during our Smart Camp from June 25 to July 6. New faces joined our campers from Strong, and the girls completed another two weeks of hands-on, educational programming.

The highlight for many of our Smart campers, was the career-focused field trips to IU School of Nursing, IU School of Informatics, and the Maternal-Fetal Medicine office at Community North. The 12-14 year-old girls visited the office of 2012 Touchstone Award honoree, Dr. Lauren Dungy-Poythress. The staff shared about the many professions in their practice including a nutritionist, ultrasound sonographer, cardiologist, nurse practitioner, genetic counselor, and administrative and billing staff.

Summer Camp Field Trip to Community North

Davee’, age 12, learns how to perform an ultrasound on Gabie Benson, our director of development & PR.

During the visit to the IU School of Nursing at IUPUI, a Girls Inc. volunteer partner group, A & B Girls practiced checking their pulse and using a stethoscope. Girls learned that everyone is a nurse if we “look, listen, and learn.” These girls also visited the IU School of Informatics at IUPUI where they learned about and tested an interactive 3-D game designed by a female student in Bloomington.

 Girls visited the IU School of Nursing
 Girls visit the IU School of Informatics

Campers enjoyed new activities to Girls Inc. programs including Economic Literacy, Redefining Beauty, and She Votes. Girls learned that entrepreneurship means turning the things you like to do and your talents and strengths into a business during various Economic Literacy sessions. In addition to differentiating careers and businesses, girls held another Economic Literacy Carnival to showcase their knowledge of entrepreneurship, business, and economics.

In Redefining Beauty, girls discussed what they see in magazines and on TV versus real life and how that affects their self-esteem. When asked, What does beauty mean to you? Girls answered: “Be Yourself.” “You don’t need make-up to be beautiful.” “Personality.” “That beauty comes from within.”

In light of the presidential election this November, girls participated in She Votes, a program introducing girls to the U.S. political process, voter registration, campaigns, and ballot procedures. The C Girls, ages 12- 14, held a mock election and advocacy debate about the Girls Inc. Girls’ Bill of Rights.

Girls host an advocacy debate about the Girls' Bill of Rights 
C girls explain the positivies and negatives of a specific girl right and answer questions from the A & B girls.

Setting career and education goals is an important part of our programs for girls. At Smart camp, girls participated in a Lunch Bunch with professionals from M&I bank, a variety of local politicians, and professionals from Defender Direct (which also included a session of “Crazy Kickball”!). In our Success Express program, C girls spent a session with Sheri Watts, a former board member, focusing on being an independent, goal-oriented young woman projecting a positive self-image. The older girls also worked with High School speech and debate coach, Jeanie Malone to hone their public speaking and introduction skills.

Growing Places Indy joined us at camp for sessions about taking care of ourselves, our community, and our earth. Girls practiced yoga and planted seeds (the identity unknown!) to take home. Our generous guests this week also included Ms. Asante with Young Audiences, who drew out the inner storyteller of the A & B Girls through engaging theatre exercises.

Girls learned about taking care of the earth and our bodies with Growing Indy 
Girls learned about taking care of the earth and our bodies with Growing Indy.

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