At Girls Inc. we work hard to inspire the girls of greater Indianapolis to be healthy, educated and independent. And though we hope the effects of our work will be witnessed by the families and peers of our girls, we recognize that the general public is not often privy to witness the outcomes our work. In an effort to bring the stories of Girls Inc. members to the public, we offer our speakers bureau. 

Last Saturday I had the privilege to attend the speakers bureau training at Butler University. This is the third year we have partnered with the university to help train our girls, volunteers and board members to go out in the public and speak to various groups around Indianapolis. The training was fun, educational and inspirational for all involved. The girls selected to attend were able to mingle with our board members and volunteers; and vice versa, the adults were able to witness the talents of such strong, smart and bold girls!

For me, the day reminded of my freshman year speech class! I love talking, but I do fear having to speak in public. As an adult, I avoid it when possible. But what I noticed as a major difference between what I learned in my speech classes as a child and what I watched at last week’s training was passion. I have learned to organize what I would like to say, to make eye contact with the audience and to speak at an appropriate volume and pace. But watching the girls, volunteers and board members from Girls Inc., I learned that while all those public speaking tools are important, what matters more is if you truly care about what you are talking about. 

Each of our speakers bureau members has a unique story to tell about how Girls Inc. has impacted their life. The girls tell stories of their gained confidence or exposure to careers and experiences that they otherwise may not have had. Our board members are able to express how important Girls Inc. is to the community and the impact of our organization. And our volunteers speak beautifully about how taking time to facilitate programs leaves them with such a feeling of accomplishment.

The training allowed all of us to come together to work on some of the logistics that make a great public speaker. But for many, like Divanna who is featured in the quick video below, they came prepared with what is really important… passion.

If you are in the Indianapolis area and would like to learn more about our speakers bureau or request a member for your group’s next meeting or event, please visit our website at