As the Summer VISTA Events Specialist I’m working on three major upcoming events for Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis, including the Touchstone Awards Luncheon (stay tuned to hear more about the other events). I started on June 1, which meant that a lot of the big decisions had already been made about the Touchstone Awards. Luckily for me, the menu wasn’t one of them.

This past Wednesday the events team went to the JW Marriott to decide on a menu, among other details. The important part here is the food, though.

Our first task was to pick a main course. After some deliberation we landed on a chicken breast stuffed with a mixture of roasted red pepper and basil. It comes with a serving of wild rice pilaf and seasonal roasted vegetables. The combination of the rice and the chicken makes for a perfect lunch. It’s not too heavy, but definitely something that will fill you up. Although, you better save room for dessert.

This decision could easily be the most difficult part of my job this summer. We had the choice between three desserts, which were all divine. After much discussion we choose the dessert with the most unique presentation, and I think the one that best compliments the main course. A modification of a Turtle Cheesecake, served in a martini glass, is a perfect twist on a classic. Served without the nuts, the combination of cheesecake, chocolate, and caramel is nearly impossible to not finish.

The food is only one of the exciting things to look forward to on July 28. Read more about the event and our four honorees. I hope to see you at the Touchstone Awards Luncheon so you can share your thoughts on the food with us!