Today is the 100th Anniversary for International Women’s Day. Today we stand with sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, and grandmothers all over the world to acknowledge the amazing accomplishments and progress women have made and continue to make.

We also acknowledge the struggles and walls that women face every day. From our girl-centric perspective, we are in tune to the challenges girls face in school, at home, in relationships with peers and family, and the societal pressures that bombard them in every way possible. On this day we stand with these girls and affirm their talent, intelligence, humor, real beauty, and dreams.

Herstory March at Girls Inc. Summer Camp 2010

I encourage you to learn more about International Women’s Day and the events and initiatives developed in its honor. Among their many other online resources for girls, New Moon Girls includes a list of celebration ideas for International Women’s Day. Also consider reading Half The Sky, which highlights the many opportunities to invest in women to diminish global poverty, and learn more about the Half The Sky Movement. However you celebrate or get involved, remember that women are joining you from Bangladesh to Peru to Spain.

Here’s to another 100 years of inspiring girls and women all over the world to pursue and achieve their dreams.