Our growth in Perry Township could not be possible without the amazing staff members who work so hard behind the scenes. I wanted to share some inspiring words from the new guidance counselor at Perry Sixth Grade Academy. As you read her testimonial, think about the girls in your life and ask, “What am I doing to address the current girl issues at my home, school, etc.?”

Girls Inc. programs address current and important issues that our girls face.

“Coming into the new position as a sixth grade counselor, I knew one of my challenges would be to help direct girls down a path of self-respect and responsibility and to empower them to have the courage to go their own way when pressures surround them.  Lucky for me, an organization like Girls Inc. exists to help do just that.  We are in the beginning of our second cycle and I am very pleased with the key messages presented by Girls Inc.  From respecting your body to appreciating the diversity that surrounds us, the Girls Inc. programs address current and important issues that our girls face.  The activities are designed not only to be engaging and interactive, but to give the girls time to look into reality, share their stories, and make the message relevant to their personal journey.  I’ve especially appreciated the way that Girls Inc. brings girls from all walks together for a united and worthwhile purpose.  At this age, it is inspiring to see girls open up and work with others that are not in their social circle, that they’ve never met, or that they feel they have little in common with.  It is uplifting to see girls accept each other, laugh together and encourage each other’s confidence when their days are often bombarded with the pressures of getting caught up in negative relationships and situations.  I am very happy that we brought Girls Inc. in this year, and I know the girls participating have a sense of pride in it as well.”

-Christy Vance, Perry Meridian Sixth Grade Academy Guidance Counselor