It’s time to reset the clock. I hate resetting the clock. 

It’s January, which at Girls Inc. means we are starting a new fiscal year. We reset the goals, clear the budget, and start over again. We start from zero. 

I’m a numbers nut. I love spreadsheets and graphs, comparing this year’s results to last year’s results, and seeing on paper that strategy either worked or failed. I don’t like resetting the clock and starting all over because I don’t like little numbers!

I’m sure I’m not alone. Most nonprofits, after putting energy into last ditch efforts to raise money before the year ends, suffer from a slow first quarter. It’s normal, and a healthy organization, like Girls Inc., will plan for that trend with cash reserves to help start the year. Yet many nonprofits struggle with cash flow throughout the year. 

Without sounding too much like the director of development, I will tell you there is a way to help. Donors can make the same contribution they make every year, but set it up as a monthly gift to ensure we have the cash flow to keep our financial position healthy. 

Monthly giving has its benefits for both nonprofits and donors. Monthly giving is a secure and convenient way to donate through automatic bank or credit card transfers. Most importantly, it is an affordable way to make a huge impact for Girls Inc. – giving just $10 a month becomes a $120 annual gift.  $120 would offset the program fees for 15 girls. Automatic monthly gifts are an easy way to provide continued support to Girls Inc. while reducing gift-processing costs – that means that your gift stretches further to help us inspire more greater Indianapolis girls. 

If you are interested in setting up a monthly gift, call our office or set up your own online at YOU can help us start the year off on the right foot!

Okay, now I sound like the director of development, but that’s my job!