Try explaining the development profession to a six-year-old. It’s more challenging than you think.  

Gabie shares during Lunch Bunch at summer campLast year, during a Lunch Bunch with our summer camp girls, I tried to explain to them what I do for Girls Inc. I told them, “I ask people for money to fund our programs.” It wasn’t until I talked about scholarships that it clicked. I told them that some of them were able to come to camp because of scholarship support provided to them and their families to help with the cost of camp and that most girls at camp received some scholarship assistance. I wasn’t sure if they completely understood until one of the older girls in our group stopped me before I left. She said, “I know I couldn’t be here without a scholarship. Thank you for making that possible.”

Moments like that remind me how important my work is.

Last year we provided scholarship support to 68% of the girls attending our summer camp, and each year more and more girls need it. Many girls who attend camp come from single parent households, their parents are out of work, and some are even homeless. Regardless of what each family is or isn’t challenged with, parents and guardians want their daughters to have access to programs and role models that build their self-confidence, prepare them to succeed in school, and empower them to be who they are. 

It only takes $20 to send a girl to summer camp for one day. In one day, she’ll experience more than three Girls Inc. programs, interact with girls from other schools and neighborhoods, and learn from experienced and passionate facilitators. A $100 gift sends her to camp for a week, and $200 provides scholarship support for a full two-week camp session. 

Help send an Indianapolis girl to camp this year by making a gift today. I’ll be sure to tell her that YOU were the one that made it possible!