The joy of being a program support coordinator is being able to see the same program done multiple times, by different volunteers and with different girls from all over the city. I enjoy every program I see. This winter, I have seen 14 versions of Work It Out, at least two per age group and in every type of setting that we offer. I have truly enjoyed exploring the wild journey of girl friendship issues. I am also fascinated to hear the reactions and responses to questions posed by volunteer facilitators to the girls.

In programs offered to each age group, girls get a variation of the same curriculum and the same general outcomes are expected. Nevertheless, I am always pleasantly surprised at the amount of passion I see when a six- or eight-year-old responds to a question. She usually has an enormous amount of enthusiasm and will make you, as an adult, feel a little silly for not thinking of it her way.

This week I heard a volunteer facilitator ask a group of six-to-eight-year-olds at a community center to describe a good friend. One girl quickly replied, “Someone who plays with you, is nice to you, cares for you and helps you whenever you need her to.” Wow. It really is just that simple. The facilitator then asked the young girl what makes you a good friend and she replied, “I’m nice, I share, and I listen.” Once again – a textbook answer that she meant sincerely.

Friendships really are that easy, aren’t they? If we could all be nice, listen, share and care with the passion of a six-year-old, can you imagine the possibilities? I am willing to try it. Are you?