Many new faces have joined us at the Girls Inc. building and I am delighted to introduce our four new Summer VISTAs! These women will be leading various projects over the next ten weeks and enabling Girls Inc. to serve even more girls. Learn more about their projects and why they decided to spend the summer with Girls Inc.!

Jorjina Amefia-Koffi, Outreach Cultivation Specialist
I am one of two Summer VISTA Outreach Cultivation Specialists. I’ll be co-facilitating Operation SMART at different sites throughout the summer.
Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold caught my eye when I applied for this position. For an organization that allows young girls to think outside of the box and empower them to take risks, be confident and independent appealed to my feminine spirit.

Tiffany Dellard, Parent Engagement Specialist
This summer I will work with Girls Inc. as a Parent Engagement Specialist with the Girls Inc. summer camps.
I was drawn to the overall mission of the organization, especially the emphasis on the empowerment of girls. It is my hope as a young professional that I not only serve as a role model for girls and young women, but also take an active role in supporting and preparing them to actualize their own dreams and potential. I believe that is what Girls Inc. does.

Caroline Templeton, Events Specialist
This summer I’m primarily working on the three events that Girls Inc. will be hosting in the upcoming months: Touchstone Awards, Annual Meeting, and Regional Conference.
I was attracted to the mission because Girls Inc. is doing something that is very unique in inspiring girls to think for themselves, rather than telling girls what to believe. I also think that all three characteristics, smart, strong and bold, are important characteristics for everyone to strive to embody, not just young girls.

Morgan Humphrey, Outreach Cultivation Specialist
This summer at Girls Inc. I will be primarily co-facilitating a hands-on summer outreach program that promotes girls involvement and interest in science. This year we will be delivering a program about earth processes such as earthquakes and tsunamis, and relating it to the recent tragedy in Japan. 
The Girls Inc mission appeals to me both in its content and its brevity. I love the idea that the driving force of all an agency’s work is “inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold”. In this direct, concise mission, the word “inspiring” is vital. Girls Inc. knows that girls already are strong, smart and bold; they do not need to be taught these qualities, but instead provided an environment where they can cultivate and refine these qualities.