More than 80 greater Indianapolis girls participated in Super Saturday with Super Girls on Saturday, April 2. The day included a variety of activities, all designed to help the girls develop an interest leadership, athletics, and becoming strong, smart, and bold!

The day started at the Indiana Convention Center, where girls developed their teamwork skills. After discussing what it takes to be a good teammate, girls worked together to design and create a trophy stand out of everyday materials. The girls then participated in basketball clinics led by members of the WBCA High School All-American team and their coaches. During the clinics, girls learned new passing skills, practiced ball-handling techniques, and practiced making baskets. The girls refueled with lunch then were off to Conseco Fieldhouse for the rest of the day! 

At Conseco, girls got to watch part of the NCAA® Women’s Final Four® team practices, then attended a discussion about sports and perseverance held by Ann Gaffigan, former track and field star and founder of Girls saw footage of a steeplechase race Ann competed in when she was in college, and participated in a series of fun, sports-related competitions.

Super Saturday gave girls the opportunity to see and connect with many strong, smart, and bold women – including the WBCA High School All-American team members, the collegiate players, and Ann Gaffigan – who served as positive role models. Thank you to the NCAA, Indiana Host Committee, and Indiana Sports CorpTM for making the inspiring day possible!