Girls challenged their external and increased their internal strength during the two-week Strong Summer Camp. More than 70 girls, ages 6-14, made new friends, learned the components of healthy living, and exercised their minds and bodies from June 11 to 23.

Girls Inc. Summer Camp is filled with fun activities and field trips, in addition to our hands-on and educational programming. In one of our most popular programs, campers practiced the elements of strong friendships and conflict resolution through several Work It Out sessions. Girls discussed the importance of respect, empathy, and fairness (REF) with friends.

Girls learn about healthy habits in our Mind and Body program
Ms. Morgan discusses how to live a healthy lifestyle with the 6-8 year-old girls. “Eating healthy food makes you grow and stay strong!”

Divided into age groups, the “A girls,” 6-8 years-old, learned how their body works through our Zelda program. As Zelda’s doctors (see photo), the girls practiced surgery to discover how their hearts, lungs, and other organs worked. Girls ages 9-11 learned to respect their bodies and practice healthy habits during our Mind and Body program. Our oldest girls, “C girls” ages 12-14, defined healthy relationships with the Safe Date program through Ruth Lilly Health Education Centers.

Girls practice surgery in the Zelda program
Girls, 6-8 years-old, learn about how their bodies function in our Zelda program.

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Title IX legislation, campers reflected on the achievements of female students, athletes, and non-traditional professionals. Each girl wrote a Happy Birthday card to Title IX and a thank you note to our U.S. representatives for supporting the legislation.

Girls wrote thank you notes for the 40th anniversary of Title IX

In the spirit of Strong Camp, girls heard from local athletes. The Indy Crash, a semi-professional women’s football team in Indianapolis, demonstrated training drills and girls met the quarterback, starting players, and team owner. Girls also heard from Kate Patterson, a wheelchair extreme sport athlete with experience in adaptive snow and water skiing, long boarding, and bowling. Girls learned about different forms of physical and emotional strength. Look for Katie in the 2018 Winter Paralympics!

It wouldn’t be summer camp without swimming, roller skating, crafts, and time to play outside. Girls also practiced yoga and Zumba almost every day! Project WET from the Division of Natural Resources joined the girls for a morning to talk about water quality and the importance of clean water. Afterward, girls planted flowers seeds in their own flower pots.

Girls participate in Zumba with Ms. Granita
Girls, 9-11 years-old, practice Zumba with Ms. Granita!

Field trips for Strong Camp included a trip to the Indianapolis Repertory Theatre (IRT), where girls learned about costumes and stage performance, and the NCAA Hall of Champions, where they saw exhibits about female athletes they discussed during the Title IX presentation. Members of the NCAA staff joined the girls for a Lunch Bunch to talk about their careers and education. Girls wrapped up the two-week camp with cupcake decorating!

Girls traveled to the NCAA Hall of Champions to learn about the history of female athletes
Girls visited the NCAA Hall of Champions and learned more about incredible female athletes.

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