Yesterday our board of directors served as Lunch Bunch career mentors at summer camp. Each board member interacted with a group of girls ranging from ages 6-14 to explore non-traditional career paths for women, educational options, the girls’ personal goals, and what it means to be a Girls Inc. board member. Our board members are professionals from all walks of life.  In the lunchroom I was in, we had an operations manager, a labor commissioner, and an HR director—three careers our girls had not explored before. In a thank you note to one of the board members, Destiny said, “I really liked finding out how many years I need of schooling and the skills I would need.” Read a couple full thank you notes from the girls!

This was a great opportunity for our board to be hands on and feel personally connected to our work. In Gail Perry’s book, Fired up Fundraising, she says board action is driven by board passion, and that’s just what we saw! Thank you to all of our board members who participated in Lunch Bunch.