It’s hard to believe that I’ve been at Girls Inc. for a year, but what an eventful year it has been! I broke my arm in the first couple of weeks, got stranded abroad after getting my passport stolen, and just finished the grueling law school application process. Oh, and then there was my AmeriCorps VISTA project!

Touchstone Registration TableMy service year started right before our annual Touchstone Awards, the busiest time of year for the development and public relations department. I had to jump right in and learned early on that these ladies don’t mess around! The Touchstone Awards was my crash course in how Girls Inc. successfully executes an event. Starting with Touchstone, I spent the first half of my service year learning about the Girls Inc. mission, how the organization functions, and how Girls Inc. interacts with supporters in the community. These lessons became the compass for my VISTA project as I went into uncharted territory for our affiliate, developing the organization’s advocacy role by planning and executing two community outreach events this spring.  

Title IX Event Panel

In late March we celebrated Women’s History Month and the 40th anniversary of Title IX with a film screening and public discussion, and in the first week of June, we hosted a full day of activities for Girls Inc. Body Appreciation Day. Body Appreciation Day YogaThese types of events, focused on raising awareness for Girls Inc. and the issues effecting girls, have proven to be different but just as important as our traditional events with a programmatic or fundraising focus. They were successful with the help of the wonderful Girls Inc. staff and will hopefully be good starting points for future advocacy events. As my service year comes to an end, I wish the best of luck to those women who make the Girls Inc. mission a reality. I will always be grateful for my opportunity to be a part of it.