Joy InnesJoy Innes
Multi-Program Facilitator

We are honored to have Joy Innes as our featured volunteer this month. Joy has been a Girls Inc. volunteer since March of 2011 and has led numerous programs in that short amount of time. Her dedication to the Girls Inc. mission and the girls she meets each cycle is apparent the moment our staff steps into one of her classrooms. Here’s what Joy has to say about her experience with Girls Inc.:

Why She volunteers for Girls Inc.
“I chose Girls Inc. because it promotes confidence and encourages young girls to work hard and be sure of themselves in a way that they can practice in their everyday lives that carries into adulthood.”

Experience as a Facilitator
“Facilitating a program at first is a little daunting, but after the first week the girls really start to grasp the concepts that you are teaching. It is a great feeling to have the girls so excited to show up every week. Having a co-facilitator has helped me because we usually complement each other with our styles of teaching and it’s great to be able to bounce ideas off of another person. I feel like the girls have a better experience when both of us are working well together.”

Favorite Thing to Teach
“My favorite part to teach is the ‘check-in’ time with the girls because it really gives the girls a chance for someone to sit with them and listen to them. It gives them a moment to reflect and be able to share in a safe environment.”

A Girls Inc. Memory that Stands Out
“There have been a couple of times when I am not sure how much the girls are getting out of a program, but then when I arrive the next week one of the girls gives an example of how she handled a situation at home or at school that really shows me she was listening. To have the girls learn so quickly and be so proud of themselves is truly rewarding.”

Thank you, Joy, for inspiring girls in greater Indianapolis to be strong, smart, and bold!

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