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The Young Women in Leadership program kicked off with lots of laughs this year, when we took part in an energizing team building event in the first meeting. We partnered with the local improvisational group IndyProv, who facilitated a series of unconventional activities which made the girls think outside the box and step outside of their comfort zones. The activities allowed them to learn new ways of communicating and working as a team—skills that are essential for any leader. The girls later discussed how sharpening these skills would best equip them to be leaders outside of their YWIL experiences. The girls also had a blast getting to know each other and learning how they could play off each other’s’ strengths to accomplish tasks.

During the second meeting, the girls discussed what it means to have purpose. They discussed the relationship between the things they enjoy doing, their natural gifts and talents, and what needs they could meet in the world. This discussion ultimately led them to discovering and voicing their perceived purpose in life. The discussion was insightful for many of the girls; it either confirmed aspirations or caused them to consider options they never had before.

The girls then began creating vision boards that reflected what they felt their purpose was, being sure to focus on goals and aspirations rather than material possessions and titles. This served as a creative way to visually remind them of their goals, and to motivate them to pursue their purpose. They also discussed barriers they might face while pursuing their purpose, and ways they could address those challenges. This activity was particularly important at a foundational level for the girls, as many have already begun the process of narrowing down colleges, majors, and career options. Equipped with this information, they will be able to make informed choices that will ultimately lead to fulfilling careers.


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