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On January 23rd, I had the opportunity to visit Salesforce with the ladies in our Young Women in Leadership (YWIL) program. The YWIL girls had the opportunity to sit in on a leadership panel sponsored by the Women’s Inspiration Network at Salesforce. The women on the panel discussed what work life was like in a male-dominated field, and how they all felt working in their not-so-male-dominated workspaces. One of the panel leaders expressed that her team of nine included six females, while another team of eight included four females, and another team was entirely female.

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The panel instructors informed the girls that they didn’t always start in a tech world and that some of them kind of fell into this career. One of the panelists informed the ladies that she was into history and was working at a museum before coming to Salesforce. Another panelist explained her work in the armed forces before coming to Salesforce. Another pointed out that even though she fell into a tech career at Salesforce, she never stopped doing what she loved (doing hair).

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The women on the panel also provided tips for the YWIL ladies to take with them. The panelists told the girls not to change who they are to do a job and to always focus on what’s in front of them: their future. Panelists reminded our YWIL girls that relationships will come later, but opportunities to get ahead won’t. The panel also told the ladies to take risks and to never give up on their dreams and that it’s never too late to explore a different field, because, “many hands make life work”. Last, but not least, Salesforce panelists said, “Girls should never be told they are bossy, but that they have leadership skills”.

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