ReKishaTownselReKisha Townsel:
Work It Out Program Facilitator

It is with great pleasure that we recognize ReKisha Townsel as our featured volunteer of the month. Since joining our volunteer team over a year ago, ReKisha’s enthusiasm for the Girls Inc. mission has left many of the girls in her programs asking her how they can be a Girls Inc. volunteer someday. As ReKisha shares her experiences it is clear that she makes the most out of every moment volunteering.

Why volunteer with Girls Inc.?

“If I had to sum up my experience facilitating with Girls Inc. in one word, it would be rewarding. I find volunteering personally fulfilling and it allows me to share my gifts. I have a passion for empowering and teaching. I believe the key to success is knowledge. One of my favorite saying is, ‘When you know better you do better.’”

Favorite thing to teach:

“I like when we play the Name Game, an icebreaker. Each person states a positive word that describes her. For example, ‘I am Kind Kisha.’ This activity allows the girls to see themselves in a different light. It makes them think. It also gives the girls insight into their character and demonstrates how to describe themselves using positive affirmations.”

Did you notice a change in the girls’ behavior as your class went on?

“In my experience, we have some girls that are shy, some that are wild, and some that are not sure what Girls Inc. is or what the program stands for when they walk through that door. By the end of the program, everyone changes in their own way. When people are placed in an environment that is safe they feel comfortable traveling to those vulnerable places and receiving information that has been designed to help them grow.”

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Diana NoltingDiana Nolting
Multi-Program Facilitator

Favorite thing to teach

“My favorite part of the programs to teach is when the girls are given scenarios to evaluate and find a solution.  It’s always fun to see the girls get excited and open up about how the character should have acted.  The girls always seem more outgoing when they are talking about the scenarios and they often begin to apply it to their own lives.”


Did you notice a change in the girls’ behavior as your class went on?

“The girls began to cross grade boundaries and interact with girls they typically didn’t talk to as they got more accustomed to the routine and the program. In one of the sessions we had both six and seventh graders.  In the beginning, the sixth graders were quiet and shy and the seventh graders were dominant in the conversations.  By week six, the girls were all asking each other questions and wanted to get to know each other regardless of their grade.” 

Advice for prospective Volunteer Program Facilitators:

 “Always pay attention to the cues the girls are giving you during the session and be flexible enough to go with those cues.  If they grasp on to particular topics and engage in them more than others, don’t be afraid to spend a little more time with them on the topics they’re opening up about.”

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Justine Keller
Multi-Program Facilitator 

Favorite thing to teach

“I love teaching interactive sessions where the girls are moving around and engaging with each other.  It’s great to watch them ask each other challenging questions and think about how to respond.  Their reactions to what they hear are enlightening -especially when they learn something about their peers they didn’t know before or wouldn’t have thought to ask about.  These are moments where I can see the girls challenging their boundaries and opening themselves to new and deeper friendships.”

Experience with your co-facilitators

“My co-facilitators have been a big part of why I keep coming back to Girls Inc.  Of course the girls are the driving motivation, but to meet and spend a short amount of time with great women co-facilitators has really been helpful in making the experience truly enjoyable.  Between the two of us we always figure out how to best manage the classroom and how to tailor our attention to have the best connection with the girls.” 

A Girls Inc. memory that stands out

“There was girl in my last program that really impressed my co-facilitator and me because of her maturity and understanding of the intentions behind the Girls Inc. programs.  She was helpful and I could tell she was a positive and influential leader amongst her peers. It is because of her we decided to write thank you notes to the girls in that program for their participation and insight.  She helped me realize that even though we only spend a short time with the girls, it’s enough to get to know enough about them where we could personally write a note thanking them for their individual qualities. I think if I would have received a note like that at that age, I would have cherished it through my adolescence.”

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