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To begin the 2017 Touchstone event, attendees got the chance to visit Girls Inc. summer camp participants who were presenting different exhibits. Each exhibit featured a new and exciting thing that the girls had been learning about at camp. The topics ranged from science projects to body image issues, and each exhibit was unique and intriguing.

Camille and Chanelle Drummer, two current Girls Inc. girls read aloud a poem written by Donna Levine entitled You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be! Their confidence to get up in front of such a large audience and speak eloquently inspired even the adult speakers to be as bold as the Drummers.

Courtney Clark (below), a previous Girls Inc. girl, had an amazing speech discussing how the Girls Inc. mission played a large role in her future endeavors. She talked about the small aspects of Girls Inc., like the hand-clapping games and music she listened to, all the way to the more significant lessons like self-defense classes and economics. As she developed through these weeks of learning, what stood out to her was an entrepreneurial activity called “Money Smart,” in which the girls would develop a business plan and sell it to the other girls at camp. Their genius business venture: slushies. After selling their creation and feeling the joy of making a product and creating revenue, it sparked something in Courtney she had never felt before. Today, she is a senior at IUPUI majoring in Finance through the Kelley School of Business with a minor in Public and Nonprofit Financial Management. These tools she developed from Girls Inc. resonated with the passions she continues today. Courtney’s amazing speech displayed not only the power of a slushie, but the impact an organization has on making girls strong, smart, and bold.

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The Touchstone honorees were outstanding participants and speakers. They demonstrated poise, professionalism, and passion for helping others and inspiring women and girls. Thank you to Elaine Bedel, Anita Harden, Cindy Hubert and Donna Oklak for standing up for girls!

Thank you all for standing up for the girls of greater Indianapolis by attending our 2017 Touchstone Awards. You are helping girls in our community to reach their full potential to become the healthy, educated, and independent young women they are destined to be.

We can’t wait to see everyone next year for our 2018 Touchstone Awards Luncheon, on June 28th!

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