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For Summer Outreach 2017, we collaborated with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to create activities focused on learning more about pollinators in our community. The girls learned what pollinators are and learned about their importance in helping to pollinate the plants in our ecosystem. Through a hands on activity, the girls were able to role play as pollinators, traveling from “flower” to “flower” (cups with pipe cleaners and chalk powder meant to represent the stamen and pollen of a flower) and seeing up close how pollination works. The girls also learned about the benefits of planting native plants,  as well as what habitats are and how to preserve them for our pollinators. Additionally, the girls participated in Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s Pollinator Count, in which they observed a 12”X12” spot for 4 minutes and then recorded any pollinators that traveled to the flowers in their spot.

These programs encourage almost 450 girls all over the Indianapolis area to learn about science, nature and the importance of each creature in the world, no matter how small.


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