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Bold Week – This week we focused on positive messaging through Media Literacy, Redefining Beauty, and Economic Literacy. Girls talked about their inner beauty, breaking societal stereotypes, and their right to have interesting employment and financial independence. Our 12-14 year olds created their own business plan throughout the week, and put it to the test at our annual Economic Literacy Carnival. They created goods and services, purchased supplies, advertised, and even employed some helping hands, to make their business the most successful. They learned about investments and paying and gaining wages. The 6-11 year olds get to then shop at the carnival using Girls Inc. currency – Girl Bucks! It is a fun-filled afternoon with many girls showing off their hard work. A few of my favorite booths included a popcorn making business, crafting slime, smoothies, and root beer floats. We also had a nail and hair service, and many sweet treat businesses. This week we also traveled to Spencer, Indiana to learn more at Boston Scientific. The girls were intrigued with the products that they made, and the need they fill in the medical world. We also did Hip Hop dance, acting class through Brave Youth Society, pottery, and learned about seatbelt safety!

For the last week of camp, girls were feeling inspired by the community partners that collaborated with us. The girls continued their acting class with Brave Youth Society to prepare a skit for the annual Talent Show! One of my favorite activities to see this summer was our partnership with Rhythmic Alchemy. The girls were able to participate in a drum circle, and learn about different aspects of drums. We also had a little fun at Rollercave and the Indianapolis Zoo. A highlight of the zoo was the girls were able to do a behind the scenes tour with a zookeeper to see the elephants! One of the most talked about event of camp was Touchstone. The girls were able to share with the community what they have been up to this summer, and how Girls Inc. has impacted them. They also were able to watch as 4 awesome ladies were honored for their leadership in the community. We wrapped all of camp up on Friday with our annual talent show and end of camp celebration. We celebrated the girls as they have grown so much over the last 4 weeks, made new friendships, became more confident in their skills, and of course had lots of fun!

While our summer camp is over, our fall program is just about to start! Click here to learn more!

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