Programs for Girls

Girls Inc. Guides

Girls Inc. created this series of resources to equip parents, educators, and other girl advocates with crucial information about issues affecting girls. As a local girl advocate, Girls Inc. seeks to play a prominent role in addressing the needs of the girls in our community. With our relevant, impactful, and age-appropriate programming, we inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. With our new Girls Inc. Guides, we seek to educate and empower girl advocates everywhere.

Review the following guides for relevant research and helpful tips for girl advocates:

  • Body Image – This guide offers statistics for how common body issues are in girls, how they begin, how girls are affected by body image and self-esteem, and how the media and families influence body image in girls.
  • Bullying Awareness – This guide provides statistics on bullying in Indiana schools, discusses the impact of bullying and how girls are affected and offers advice for parents to combat bullying.
  • Cyberbullying Awareness – This guide defines cyberbullying and reviews the way it differs from traditional forms of bullying. It also discusses the impact of cyberbullying, how girls are affected, and what adults can do to reduce bullying.
  • Economic Self-Sufficiency  – This guide explains why economic self-sufficiency is such a critical concern, why women are more likely to experience poverty and why financial literacy programs are so important for young women.
  • Female Health – This guide discusses statistics of sexual health among women in the US and provides tips to talking to your girl about making healthy decisions about sex and relationships as well as encouraging abstinence.
  • The STEM Gap & Title IX – This guide describes the STEM gap, how it began, how Title IX relates to STEM fields, and why it all matters for girls. The guide also offers tips on how parents can encourage girls to explore their interests in STEM fields.

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