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Girls Inc. Blog Policies and Guidelines

The Girls Inc. blog is an online resource for parents, volunteers, community partners, girls and professionals created to share an inside look into the organization, better explain the impact of our programs, and offer commentary on the issues in girl development. The blog allows readers to react through comments and allows Girls Inc. the opportunity to listen to and connect directly with the public.

Girls Inc. Blog Management Code of Conduct

• Girls Inc. blog posts will be accurate and factual.
• Girls Inc. will correct errors immediately and note corrections within the original post.
• Girls Inc. blog posts will be written by members of the staff, volunteers, and Girls Inc. constituents; they will not be penned anonymously.
• Girls Inc. will reply to or forward email or comments whenever appropriate.

Girls Inc. Comment Policy

Participation is encouraged, and comments and questions are welcome. We do not pre-moderate comments and welcome all kinds of thoughts – supportive, dissenting, critical or otherwise. For the safety of our girls, parents, volunteers, partners and staff and the integrity of the organization, there are a few rules to be aware of when posting a comment.

The following comments are subject to editing or rejection:

• Comments that include first and last names, locations or other personal information
• Comments including blatant profanity, racist, sexist, or derogatory content
• Comments that are off topic or SPAM
• Comments will not be edited for typos, spelling errors or grammar. Requests to remove comments can be sent to

Please remember that when you post a comment to a blog, it is published for all to see. For your own privacy, you shouldn’t post detailed personal information linked to your name. The views and opinions expressed in comments are strictly those of the author(s) and in no way represent those of Girls Inc. We assume no liability for the information therein and extend no implied or expressed warranty or guarantee of accuracy. Any messages or stories shared on this site may be used in other Girls Inc. marketing activities.

We thank you for your interest in Girls Inc. and look forward to an ongoing discussion about those things that are important to you.

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