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Every year at Summer Camp, girls develop their own businesses for the Economic Literacy Carnival. They develop a business plan and staff purchases materials for the businesses. Oftentimes they decide on nail painting, bracelet making, or snacks bars. However, one year at summer camp, one girl’s business stood out from the others.


Serena* has attended summer camp before, but wanted to do something different than what is normally done. She is allergic to scents and additives in products such as lotions and hand sanitizers, so she wanted to develop a hand sanitizer for others like her that cannot use scented products. She created a non-allergic hand sanitizer spray and packaged it in colorful bottles. The hand sanitizer has been particularly popular with our staff, many of whom have run out of sanitizer spray, and are looking forward to camp to buy more!

If necessity is the mother of invention, then Serena’s* story shows just that. In honor of National Inventor’s Day, we want to encourage girls to think beyond what already exists for them. We want girls to develop their own ideas about what is missing from their worlds and how they can work toward creating what is missing.

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