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Touchstone 2017-22

Throughout the month of November, Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis will be in full gratitude mode! This week kicks off the 30 Days of Gratitude Campaign, a time when Girls Inc. is going to devote blog posts, e-mails, and social media to everyone who helps make our work with girls possible!

There is so much for Girls Inc. to be thankful for, and so many groups, individuals, sponsors, foundations, etc. to thank! That’s why every day of November we will be posting on Facebook and Twitter about a new group we would like to thank. For instance, on November 1st, we began by thanking our all of generous supporters. Today, on November 2, we will be thanking a specific corporate sponsor. If you pay attention to our social media in the next month, you might just belong to one of the groups which we’d like to thank!

Additionally, our blog, The Inspiration Project, will be totally gratitude-focused throughout November, culminating in a Thanksgiving post where we will reveal our special Thanksgiving video featuring the Girls Inc. girls!

30 Days of Gratitude is all about thanking those who help Girls Inc. inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, but it’s also about looking ahead to the future and garnering more support to continue helping girls after the 30 Days of Gratitude are over. November is the month of Thanksgiving after all! What better way to give thanks than to give your time or resources to an organization which helps girls in your community?

If you’re interested in giving, click here!

If you’re interested in volunteering, click here!

Let 30 Days of Gratitude begin!

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