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As my time here at Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis comes to a close, I want to thank everyone who has been part of this amazing internship. The staff here at Girls Inc. is truly out of this world. Their kindness, support and willingness to help was unimaginable. This organization has an inimitable goal and drive to make all girls strong, smart, and bold. Their mission is exemplified through their acts of warm heartedness, selflessness, and ambition to both the other staff members as well as the girls they teach. They all inspired me to further my knowledge of the issues facing all girls around the country and strengthened my desire to be a part of the organization in the years to come. Getting to meet the girls who are participants of the organization allowed me to see how much the programs benefit them. They told me about the friends they have made through Girls Inc., the lessons they have learned, and the confidence it has brought them. Those girls taught me far more than I could have ever taught them. Their joy for the program and willingness to participate helped me understand how impactful the programs really are. Although I will be done interning this week at Girls Inc., I will never forget to be strong, smart, and bold.

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