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We’re sure you’ve heard about our mission, to inspire all girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold… but do you know what that means? Sometimes it’s hard for volunteers and supporters to put into words what our mission stands for, so we’re here to lay it out for you.

During our program cycles, girls are our only focus. With that in mind, we narrowed down the Girls Inc. Experience into 6 separate essential parts: Girls-Only Environment, Mentoring Relationships, Intentional Programming, Research-Based Curricula, Interactive Activities and Sustained Exposure. If you’ve missed our previous blog posts, we’ve been discussing what each element entails each week. This week we will dive into the Interactive Activities element!

Girls low kickingGirls low kicking

During our programs, girls are always encouraged to participate in activities to demonstrate a specific idea or concept that relates to our mission, rather than read or listen to volunteers and staff explain how activities are supposed to be done. When girls are able to discuss, create and play, they are far more able to learn and understand as well as apply new ideas and concepts into their lives.

Girls Inc. provides hands-on activities that are deliberate to develop and promote girls’ strengths while also challenging them to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things!
Some signs of this element include:

• Staff being trained and coached to keep paper and pencil activities to a minimum by using activities that are hands-on, challenging and relevant;
• Girls participating in physical movement activities that are engaging, rather than passively watching or listening to staff and volunteers;
• Girls completing surveys that ask them what they liked or didn’t like so staff can develop new activities and programs based on girls’ needs;
• Girls participating in active discussions that allow them to reflect on what they’ve learned

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