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Of the 6 total elements of the Girls Inc. experience, we’ve covered our first two essential elements of the Girls Inc. experience, Girls-Only Environments and Mentoring Relationships. Now let’s dive into our third element: Intentional Programming. This holistic, compensatory and intentional focus on girls’ needs provides exposure to a wide variety of experiences and options that girls might not have experienced otherwise.

Without a purpose to better a girl’s future, there wouldn’t be a reason to even hold our programs. Our staff takes the time to ensure our research is accurate and up to date so we can provide programs that are relevant to girls’ current needs and to reach a better understanding with girls that will lead our future. Girls Inc. understands how crucial our programs are to girls when they aren’t outdated, boring or useless, which is why every single message, activity and discussion is thoroughly analyzed and perfected to make our girls healthier, educated and independent.

To understand our definition of programming with intentional programming, here’s what we mean:

• Staff develops and implement locally designed programs consistent with Girls Inc. National’s philosophy, purpose and approach
• At least three identity programs are implemented to meet the current needs of girls
• Our programs are adapting to societal, scientific and local changes
• Girls specifically give us feedback on programs to suggest changes and adapt to better programming
• Girls are exposed to activities and discussions that aren’t traditionally available to them
• We work with volunteers from the community to lead girl-focused programs, who have outside knowledge of challenges girls face today

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