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Here at Girls Inc., I’ve learned so much already! I’ve been here about two months now, and am looking forward to the final two months as well! The staff are all so friendly and encouraging, as well as hardworking, and have definitely added to my success here as the public relations intern. Without their help and patience, I wouldn’t have the knowledge that I do have today!

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At this point, I know am very familiar with our website and social media sites, as well as what our future holds looking into our second quarter. I really enjoy posting to Facebook and Twitter almost every day and trying to start or pick up on conversation about what is happening in our world, and society’s expectations and influences on girls in our community.

I have a lot of fun updating the website and social media pages, but taking pictures of girls, events, programs, staff and volunteering has to be my absolute favorite part of the internship experience! Of course it’s hard work after physically taking the shots, editing, cropping and saving or sharing, but I absolutely love capturing moments of this organization and the girls it serves.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that working in a nonprofit is hard work, but the experience is so rewarding. It’s amazing to me to realize that our organization served almost 4,000 girls in the last year in over 400 programs to teach them about building friendships and relationships, staying safe in dangerous situations, understanding that beauty is within a person, realizing female celebrities aren’t the definition of perfection and advising peers that are in tough situations.

That is why I chose Girls Inc. in the first place; not because it seemed like a fun place to work (even though it is), but because I know their efforts are actually influencing Indianapolis’ youth today and forever on in their lives.

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