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I’m currently half way through my internship here at Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis, and I couldn’t imagine loving it more. As my main role is to update the media for Girls Inc., I was able to go to the Girls Inc. Summer Camp for a day to take pictures of all of the girls. I had previously worked the past four to five summers teaching golf to young kids (ages 3-14), so going back to a camp and hanging out with kids was very nostalgic. As they were split up by age group, the specific groups had very different personalities. The older girls were sometimes far too cool to get their picture taken and were more shy about being the center of attention. The younger girls were exactly the opposite. They would all run up to me asking for group photos and headshots during their free time. As they were learning about what a good friend should be, several of these younger girls said “Ms. Delaney is a good friend!” within the first 5 minutes of meeting me. If at first the girls were shy around the camera, soon they were all begging to get in the pictures. One girl who I sat with for a period of time during the class told me she didn’t really like to smile because she thought her smile was ugly. I encouraged her to smile as wide as she could so I could get a picture. After taking, in my opinion, one of the best photos of the day, I showed her the photo. She beamed and said, “Wow, I actually like that.” My heart almost burst at the seams. No matter how big or small Girls Inc. is affecting these girls, they are gaining confidence, passion, and grit. They are realizing that the Girls Inc. staff is always in their corner trying to prepare them for whatever struggles they might face. They are seeing how absolutely beautiful their smiles truly are.

The other component of my internship was preparing for the largest fundraiser for Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis, our Touchstone Awards Luncheon which happens right in the middle of the summer. It is an event honoring four notable women in the Indianapolis area for the hard work they have displayed. My role was two-part. I worked on the social media aspect as well as the audio and visual aspect during the event. I oversaw what the staging process was like, and interacted with all of the posts and comments on Twitter and Facebook. Overall the event was a huge success to Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis, as well as showing the attendees the impact of Girls Inc.


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