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Name: Julie Boyd

Programs facilitated:
Redefining Beauty (x2) Social Media (x3)

1) How did you learn about Girls Inc.?

I’ve always felt passionate about helping young girls feel empowered and realized that they are more than enough. I sought out Girls Inc. on my own through researching.

2) Why did you choose to volunteer with Girls Inc.?

Growing up in today’s world it is on fast forward. There is such high pressure to be seen through just the right “filter”. While we are fortunate to have such a strong and diverse group of female role models in today’s society, I have my own girls (ages 21 & 16) and I see firsthand the challenges that they face, daily. I want to challenge the girls to practice self-love, surround themselves with good friends, and in turn, practice the art of being a good friend. I think it is important to give and share with others whenever possible.

3) What have you enjoyed most about volunteering with Girls Inc.?

I’ve enjoyed the relationship that I have built with my co-facilitator, who is a very strong, smart, and bold woman, who I respect enormously. We’ve been very fortunate to blend our strengths and talents to create a warm and open environment for the girls.

4) Does any facilitation memory or any one of the girls stand out to you? Explain.

At the close of our first “Redefining Beauty” workshop, we were able to do a Girls Inc. balloon release in the spring. The girls attached notes to the balloons, with messages about what they found to be beautiful and unique about themselves. It was amazing to see the red balloons float into the Indy skyline and see the smiles on the girl’s faces. It was a picture perfect way to end the year and to make a mark on “Redefining Beauty”.

5) Why do you think Girls Inc. programs are beneficial to girls?

I think the more you can positively promote the building blocks of self-esteem in young girls, the better off they will always be. All girls deserve to have an environment in which to discover their own individual worth and unique offerings, particularly within a group of girls, where they often compare themselves and allow in negative thought cycles. Redefining beauty, handling social media, or even career development, can make a positive impact.

6) Have you noticed any changes in your own life since volunteering with Girls Inc.?

Each week I always say that I think the girls are teaching me more than I am teaching them. At the end of a rough week, I go to Girls Inc. and often find my faith restored. While facilitating the Girls Inc. workshops, I find myself astounded by the amount of love and support that they have and openly show to one another. My hope is that they will always carry that with them as they grow into adult women, and remain encouraged about their own dreams, as well as continue down the path of encouraging other women.

7) What kind of things have you learned after facilitating a Girls Inc. program?

I’ve learned that the need is great to set the stage towards a positive future for these young girls in the way that Girls Inc. offers. I love the quote, “Strong women, may we know them, may we raise them, may we be them.” I’m happy to be a part of the movement to empower and encourage young hearts and minds.

8) Tell a tip for volunteer program facilitators about volunteering or working as a team.

As co-facilitators, the winning recipe is to communicate and get to know each other, and blend the best of both of your life journeys to bring the most to the experience. Be a true example of a strong, smart, and bold role model.

9) Tell a tip for Girls Inc. Girls.

When given the opportunity to be a part of Girls Inc., take that opportunity and be open-minded. Girls Inc. is a setting where you have the chance to connect with other girls and realize together that you are all strong, smart, and bold.

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