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Girls Inc. is grateful to the Robert and Toni Bader Charitable Foundation for supporting our Young Women in Leadership (YWIL) program! With their gift, we are helping the next generation of girls become our community’s leaders.

Leadership is not a top priority for girls. According to a Girl Scout Research Institute survey (2014), only two in five girls say they want to be a leader. The same number of girls say they have been discouraged or put down, usually by a peer or classmate, when trying to lead. Ninety-two percent of girls believe anyone can acquire the skills of leadership, but only one in five girls believe they currently have most of the key leadership qualities. Self-confidence is the factor that most influences girls’ desires to actively pursue leadership roles.

Young Women in Leadership develops girls in grades 9-12 who have demonstrated latent leadership qualities. In addition to practical leadership lessons, YWIL girls learn about public speaking, networking, and resume writing in order to better understand how careers are launched and developed. Girls build a foundation for an economically independent adulthood and an understanding of key economic concepts at the individual, family, community, national, and global levels as well as understand the impact that girls can have in leadership positions.

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