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Girlfriends for Girls Inc.

“Without your support, our mission wouldn’t be possible,” says Barb Fleming, owner of BAF Corporation. Barb’s  involvement with Girls Inc. began back in the year 2000. She has proven many times how important it is to stand up for girls, and we absolutely admire her support!

“Of course, anything to do with girls has always been a priority for me. I’ve continued my support as they have consistently bettered their programs as well as the number of girls served. I always feel that my donations have been wisely used and appreciated,” she states.
“Together we will ensure girls grow into independent, educated and courageous women. Please consider sending a gift today.”

Barb’s consistent support and generosity means so much to us! For every donation sent before April 30, 2017, Barb has will match $1 for every $1, up to $5,000!

Please consider sending a gift to show you stand up for girls. Your generosity provides Indianapolis girls with educational, empowering and life-changing programs. Each lesson we design encourages girls to respect themselves and others, as well as prepare them for success in school and in life.
Let’s inspire our girls to be strong, smart and bold, together!

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