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Dear Body,

I’ve gone on crazy diets, done insane workouts I hadn’t prepared for, and have felt ashamed for the way I look, when I know I should be grateful for having such a wonderful body that takes care of me and my needs. I appreciate you for all that you do, even if some days I say otherwise. In a society that judges so quickly on appearance, I’d like to say thank you for being more than just an object of visual pleasure.

Thank you for allowing me to use my senses; to see with my eyes, to feel with my hands, to smell with my nose, speak with my mouth, and hear with my ears. Something as simple as eating lunch with my friends wouldn’t be the same if I couldn’t do all of those things you allow me to do.

Thank you for being so strong. It’s amazing to me that throughout all the falls, breaks, scrapes, and scratches, you heal me back to normal, although you sometimes leave scars to remind me of that healing process. I love to run, play volleyball, and swim, but none of that would be possible without the strong muscles you’ve given me!

Legs, thank you for taking me to my favorite places. Arms, thank you for carrying new books for me to read later on. And Tummy, thank you for storing my energy and using nutrients to keep me energized and healthy. Without my body, I couldn’t enjoy the awesome things in life and I couldn’t be me. So one more time, THANK YOU!


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