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Since Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis transitioned from a center-based model to an outreach model in 2007, we’ve been focused on building up a strong network of program partners throughout the greater Indianapolis area in order to increase the number of girls who participate in Girls Inc. programs. Over the past few years, that focus has shifted to deepening the impact of our programs within our existing network of partners by increasing the number of programs that each girl participates in, both in a single school year as well as over the course of her school career. In order to continue this goal, we are piloting a new Comprehensive Programming model for the 2017-2018 school year at Hawthorne Elementary. Principal Gregory Butler has invited us into his school to provide Girls Inc. programs as a part of their school day for girls in 1st—4th grade, with a projected total of 10 programs provided this school year. In order to foster a mentoring relationship between the facilitator and the girls in the program, as well as to maintain consistency and build a relationship with the school staff, these programs will be led by a Girls Inc. staff member, Katie Brown. Katie worked at our 2017 Summer Camp, and is currently a junior majoring in Elementary Education at Butler University. Following our learning experiences with this Comprehensive Programming pilot this year, we are hoping to expand this model to other schools in the next few years.

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