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What is Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis?

Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis is the greater Indianapolis affiliate of the national Girls Inc. organization. Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis was founded in 1969 and is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. What We Do. Our History.

Our mission is simple: to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Our programs free girls from gender stereotypes, truly allowing them to be themselves. We empower girls to be confident in their own skin, prepared for their futures, and proud of who they are. Read more about us.

Where do you deliver programs?

Many years ago, the Board of Directors established a goal to be in four counties:  Marion, Hendricks, Hamilton, and Boone. We have an active presence in Marion and Hendricks Counties, and we have done pilot programs at the Boys & Girls Clubs in Hamilton and Boone. Today, we also have a waiting list of schools in Marion County that want to join our partner network. Expansion has become a resource question. Our current program support staff is working at their full capacity. We will need to assess our personnel needs, develop fundraising plans, and establish a phased timeline for expansion before we commit to any new territory.  A starting point for this analysis will be to review the effectiveness of our current program partnerships. Because resources are not limitless, we will consider suspending or dropping services at partner locations that are not making the most of the opportunity to work with us. Find Us Near You.

How many girls do you serve?

In 2016, Girls Inc. served 3,981 girls. Many of these girls participated in multiple Girls Inc. programs, totaling 7,113 enrollments in the same year. Discover more of our program results.

Why do you only serve girls?

In an all-girl setting, girls have the chance to be themselves and talk openly about sensitive subjects, such as body image, puberty, and conflicts between friends. Many girls cite the comfortable environment as one of the main reasons they love Girls Inc. programs. Bella, age 13, said “I’m myself [during Girls Inc. programs]. It’s just girls; there’s no pressure.”

Girls Inc. strongly believes that boys also have unique needs; however, our organization has focused on the unique needs of greater Indianapolis girls since our founding in 1969. For partners interested in complementary programming for male students, contact us for names of organizations willing to conduct simultaneous programs for boys.

What makes Girls Inc. programs special?

Our programs are heavily researched and results-driven, and they address the most essential needs of girls. While some youth organizations tend to focus more on recreational activities, our programs focus specifically on the skills, knowledge, and attitude girls need to be successful. Read more about our programs.

Where can I find a Girls Inc. program?

Girls Inc. programs are delivered in partnership with greater Indianapolis schools, youth organizations, libraries, and churches.  Find Us Near You.

When does Girls Inc. deliver programs?

Girls Inc. delivers programs on a seasonal basis (winter, spring, summer, and fall). The 2017-18 program cycle schedule is as follows: fall cycle I programs run Aug.  7 – Oct. 6; fall cycle II programs run Oct. 23 – Dec. 15; winter programs run Jan. 16 – March 16; spring programs run April 2 – May 18; and Summer Camp runs four weeks from mid-June to mid-July. (Learn more about our 2018 Summer Camp.)

How can I make a donation to Girls Inc.?

Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis will accept donations via cash, check, credit card, or stock. Visit our Give page for details and instructions on how to give.

How much of my donation goes directly to the girls?

Nearly 70 cents of every dollar given to Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis goes directly to the girls.

Do you accept in-kind gifts?

Girls Inc. does accept some in-kind gifts. For ideas on what we can accept, please visit our Other Ways to Support page.

How are girls selected to participate in Girls Inc. programs?

Girls Inc. partners enroll girls in our programs and each partner location has its own selection process. Girls Inc. does not select which girls attend the program. View a list our program partners on the Find Us Near You page.

Can I come watch a program?

Because all of our programs are delivered in outreach locations, we don’t have opportunities for the public to view these programs. However, for people interested in getting a glimpse at our work you can volunteer for a Lunch Bunch program. These one-hour programs are great opportunities to learn by doing at Girls Inc. You’ll have the opportunity to meet a small group of girls and discuss career paths and goal setting.

How can I get my girl involved in your programs?

Visit the Find Us Near You page for a list of current programs. Contact us for more information.

Girls Inc. isn’t at my girl’s school or community organization? What should I do?

Contact our director of programs, Mackenzie Cain, at 317.522.2605.

How can I volunteer for Girls Inc?

To volunteer for Girls Inc., check out our Lead a Program page and complete the volunteer application.

Who can volunteer for Girls Inc?

Girls Inc. is always looking for caring, responsible volunteer program facilitators. Learn more about leading programs for girls.

To be a Girls Inc. volunteer, applicants must be at least 18-years or older and willing to:

  • Participate in a one-on-one interview with Girls Inc. staff
  • Allow us to perform a criminal history background check
  • Provide us a list of references that will be able to tell us more about you
  • Complete a volunteer training session that will help you to facilitate the programs with ease

 Can’t find an answer to your question? Contact us!